Health, Safety, Security and Environment is a critical component of the way in which Deco Wood Factory carries out its business.

This company has fully committed a duty of care program to all employees, contractors, suppliers, visitors and other stakeholders to operate the business in a way that does not impact their health or safety.

The company is focused on the need to operate in a way that provides protection, health care and a high standard of welfare for all those working with Deco Wood Factory as well as one that has the smallest impact possible on the environment.

All Deco, Health, Safety, Environment and Security is totally managed by Al Falah Security and Safety. Al Falah Security and Safety is totally committed to Health, Safety and Security in all operational areas of Deco.



Overview of Company
Deco Wood Factory Health and Safety program will be delivered via our own highly trained personnel who have and will continue to attend all necessary training to ensure the staff and their workplace is a comfortable and safe place of employment. They will fully integrate into a cohesive team to ensure they learn from each other’s skills, expertise and experiences.

An extensive Management Program that is intended to embed Health and Safety values throughout the company’s core business to help Deco Wood Factory achieve its growth objectives.

The primary focus of Health and Safety is on risks core to Deco Wood Factory’s operations; occupational injuries, asset integrity, environment protection and security.

These objectives are not only for the Deco group of companies but for all its customer base, project and site operations and visiting clients or customers. The company Health and Safety Management Program articulates expectations that are suitable for both the company’s existing operations and adaptable for future growth.

Deco Vision and Foresight
Deco Wood Factory manages all of its business operations according to the following principles:

  • To comply with all applicable laws and regulations; making use of international and industry standards and best practices where appropriate.
  • To ensure the full commitment and accountability from every Deco Wood Factory’s worker,supervisor, manager and officer to implement the policy and all elements of the associated Health and Safety management system.
  • To provide sufficient resources, training, equipment and controls to assure a safe and secure working environment and to develop and maintain the highest standards of Health and Safety systems, programmes and training in support of this statement.
  • To continually seek opportunities to conserve energy and natural resources, prevent pollution and to reuse and recycle materials where ever possible.
  • To protect Deco Wood Factory’s business activities, employees, customers, clients and other stakeholders from negative and damaging concerns.
  • To identify, assess, manage and minimize Health and Safety risks both within it’s own work places and on all developments and projects under it’s control or commission.
  • To continuously improve Health and Safety performance by monitoring progress through regular evaluation and assessment.
  • To communicate openly with all concerned and influenced including stakeholders regarding Health and Safety performance.
  • To create a culture where all employees are empowered to report, investigate and resolve the root causes of all incidents and near misses.
  • To establish guidelines and more detailed procedures within individual business units as needed to implement this policy.



Deco Wood Factory’s Health and Safety Department will continue to focus on the acquisition, integration/optimization and operation phases. The company’s global performance will be measured through the monitoring of Key Performance Indicators [KPIs] to assist in the continuous improvement of Deco Wood Factory’s Management Program.



One of the great opportunities we have is to make full use of our Human potential. This is only one of the reasons that building the Health, Safety and Environmental policy and procedure documentation and implementation are some of our top priorities for 2010. Having the networks in place and connecting the right people could make a difference between good and great. We will (further) develop and expand the Health and Safety and Asset Integrity network organization in which we draw expertise, best practice and knowledge from wherever we have it and apply it wherever we need it. Such a network organization will enable us to become a company of true skill.



Additionally, Health and Safety will also develop current initiatives, including carbon management, energy resource efficiency, the physical impacts of climate change on Deco Wood Factory’s assets and sustainable development. We are fully committed to integrate into any bespoke requirements of our client’s needs and the requirements or local and International law